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At Home

Fruiti de Mare

Many years back, after meeting my husband’s uncle, Gilbert, I realized we both had good taste (hey, I can dream, can’t I?!) because while the entire family ordered plat du jours from our menu at the restaurant at our hotel in Grasse, we both ordered Fruiti de Mare. It’s like a bowl of goodness from the sea right in your hands, so fresh and making you feel so good when you’ve sopped up the last bit of broth with your crusty baguette.

These are the types of memories I like to recreate at home for a sense of adventure and nostalgia from the comfort of the dining room. Many oohs and aahs abound as you can really get creating with this seafood stew. Put what you like in it after you adhere to a few of the vital ingredients that will keep it authentic. My particular version went wild for this weeknight show stopper. I started with a homemade compound fennel orange butter. Oh yeah, this stew is going to be rich. It’s also got sambal olek for some spice, anchovy paste for that extra umami moment, harrisa bacon from Butcher Butcher (I don’t care what recipe you’re making, it will be better with this bacon), a sprinkle of saffron, garlic, wine, and cream to round out the broth. For this evening, I’ve got mussels, clams and their juice, and cod as our seafood friends.

Maybe it’s because we’re both Pisces, but when your son finishes the meal and does a bow in front of you, it’s a night to remember.