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Caprio Cellars

Caprio Cellars

A love for wine has been in the Caprio Cellars family long before the establishment of their winery. Their ancestors regarded wine as an essential part of everyday life, recognizing its profound significance. Sanitella, their great grandmother, personally acquainted herself with every family in her small Italian neighborhood based on their homemade wines. For her, the quality of one’s craft reflected their very character.

With Caprio Cellars, they strive to honor the longstanding tradition that has shaped their family for over a century. They invite you to become a cherished part of the Caprio family, indulging in the inherent joy that wine brings to life. At Caprio Cellars, they believe that wine is elemental to the truest pleasures of life.

Welcome to Caprio Cellars, where they celebrate their family’s rich wine heritage and share the essence of this tradition with you.

1603 Whiteley Road, Walla Walla, WA

Phone:(509) 412-3054


Website: Caprio Cellars | Winery, Tasting Room, & Estate Vineyard | Walla Walla