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Eat Drink Walla Walla | Bust Out The Steaks

Still recovering from a very long cold, it’s no reason to not celebrate the fact that it’s Friday. TGIF! The weather is gorgeous and no amount of lingering congestion is going to stop the fact that we need something to celebrate and putting steaks on the grill always brings that festive feeling. I’ll just make sure to have extra kleenex outside, as needed :).

Getting a hold of the perfect steak is not hard in a town like Walla Walla that has a meat market like Butcher Butcher. My husband and I debated tomahawk steaks, but like I said, we’re recovering from colds, hence not that able to cut into THAT huge of a chop. Better to go with a perfect little tenderloin, sure to go down nice and easy.

The plan is to cook the tenderloin to medium-rare perfection, accompanied by grilled vegetables and halloumi from Hayshaker Farms. This cheese magically keeps its shape, even on a screaming hot grill.  It gets all crispy and salty and cheesy for a stellar appetizer. Pink pearl mushrooms and mixed squash my husband grabbed for me from Foodscape will pick up the unique smoky and charred flavor only the grill can provide.  Yukon Gold potatoes fill in for our starch.  My younger son microwaved them for me first so they would only take a little roasting and flipping on the hot grates. It will all come together as a taste of the divine when it’s smothered in the rich and creamy blue de brebis steak sauce I whip up with a veal demi glace to tie everything together. Those dominant flavors are tamed by the cracking whip of a cool glass of Fontsainte Gris de Gris Corbieres Rose.  Boy does it makes cheesy halloumi the absolute perfect summer appetizer pairing!

Fancy and celebratory doesn’t have to take long. Not in a town like Walla Walla. Thank you Foodscape, Hayshaker Farm and Butcher Butcher, because we’ll be grilling and chowing our dinner/picnic soon; I’m in my hot pink maxi al fresco in the backyard sunshine… now where are those tissues?!?