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When Lunch is So Good, There’s No Room for Dinner

I had all the best of intentions to make a great dinner of our family fave, chicken fried steak. I wrote out ideas for my creation and everything! Only problem was, it was time to crack open the take out container of Croquettes we scored from our favorite gourmet food shop, Foodscape. We had already tried their version with Jambon de Bayonne. So good – that’s why I had been hypersalivating for the right opportunity to try their newest version with mushrooms.

Have you ever had croquettes? They’re fried little delicacies that I’ve made before, but it does involve quite a process of making an assembly line of little logs made of, usually, ham and cheese. In order for the delicate insides to not explode everywhere upon frying, they have to be frozen first, so if you’re really hungry, this isn’t an immediate gratification type of meal. That’s why when I learned Foodscape had done all the work for me, and upscaled their version with a Spanish ham, I jumped on the old “they’re doing all the work and us doing all the enjoying” bandwagon. After our previous order, they switched it up big time and I knew the mushroom version would pair great with the organic buttery green oak leaf lettuce and spicy micro arugula salad I picked up from Hayshaker Farm. I had the last little less than a teaspoons worth of mayonnaise still in the jar (who does that?!), so I used the container to shake up the vinaigrette that included fresh lemon juice and pardon me, a little Grey Poupon.

Something about a great big salad with little crunchy fried treats is really hard to resist and completely satisfying. I guess I’ll have to make chicken fried steak tomorrow, because for today, nothing could take me any higher, except maybe a nice nap ;).