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Month: September 2021

Washington Wine Rankings

Please check out our extensive wine rating database for the Washington area. You can search by the following criteria: Wine: The name of the wineVintage: The year the wine was producedGWS: Global Wine ScoreCI: Critic’s IndexNBJ: National Beverage Journal

At Home

Fruiti de Mare

Many years back, after meeting my husband’s uncle, Gilbert, I realized we both had good taste (hey, I can dream, can’t I?!) because while the entire family ordered plat du jours from our menu at the restaurant at our hotel…

At Home

Kitchen Helpers

I really love food (can you tell?!) and the way it brings people together to conversate and appreciate, but nothing ups the ante more than having those folks who join you around the table join you in pulling a meal…

At Home

Sunset Blues

After a delicious dinner cooked with one of my sous chefs, my first son, of crispy skinned salmon, creme fraiche mashed potatoes and a ratatouille of fennel, yellow squash, walla walla sweet onions, mushrooms, capers and a dash of yesterday’s…