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Proper Wines & House of Bones

Proper Wines & House of Bones

House of Bones was born from the passion and expertise of its co-winemakers, Sean Boyd and Kevin Masterman. Their deep admiration for Burgundy wines, particularly the esteemed Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietals, served as the catalyst for this venture. In the heart of Washington, the potential for crafting exceptional Chardonnay has been apparent for some time. Furthermore, the anticipation to unveil their remarkable Pinot Noir creations is palpable.

In the realm of winemaking, Kevin’s journey has been enriched by invaluable experiences. His tutelage under the guidance of renowned new world producers like David Ramey, coupled with his time alongside Walla Walla’s talents Griffin Frey and John Abbott, has shaped his artistry. The cellar floor became his classroom during numerous harvests, while evenings were often dedicated to savoring Premier Crus alongside Abbott, a rewarding ritual after demanding days at the winery.

The convergence of Sean and Kevin’s exceptional skills with the Columbia Gorge’s finest fruits and vineyards has yielded an exquisite testament to the elegance of Burgundian wines. Through meticulous craftsmanship, they have harmonized tradition and innovation, resulting in wines that pay a graceful homage to Burgundy.

As you indulge in the offerings of House of Bones, may you find as much pleasure in savoring them as we do in their creation.

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