Eat Drink Walla Walla

Embracing the legacy of exceptional wines and food and unique cultural heritage.

Jennifer Hansen-Feruch

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Recipe Repository

What we’ve been cooking in our Pacific Northwest adventurese: my recipes and inspirations to share! A good recipe will help to use the food that needs to be eaten so nothing goes to waste. Even the “waste” is turned into…

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Fruiti de Mare

Many years back, after meeting my husband’s uncle, Gilbert, I realized we both had good taste (hey, I can dream, can’t I?!) because while the entire family ordered plat du jours from our menu at the restaurant at our hotel…

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Kitchen Helpers

I really love food (can you tell?!) and the way it brings people together to conversate and appreciate, but nothing ups the ante more than having those folks who join you around the table join you in pulling a meal…

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Sunset Blues

After a delicious dinner cooked with one of my sous chefs, my first son, of crispy skinned salmon, creme fraiche mashed potatoes and a ratatouille of fennel, yellow squash, walla walla sweet onions, mushrooms, capers and a dash of yesterday’s…


Music at the Winery

I knew with the beautiful summer weather that it was going to be a good idea to head out to one of the wineries and listen to some music while enjoying a wonder picnic meal, so that’s exactly what we…


Time to Boogie

We celebrated summer early Saturday evening with Rosé and Reggae at the Reininger Walla Walla winery off Highway 12. Getting loose with summer vibes included feasting on authentic island cuisine and the last of their 2020 Sangiovese Rosé. Lip smackingly…

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CFS – Chicken Fried Steak

So about that chicken fried steak, or CFS… Lunch turned into a gourmet affair yesterday, so my dinner plans went to the wayside. No worries, I just kept my little cube steaks refrigerated until I was ready to really pay…

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When Lunch is So Good, There’s No Room for Dinner

I had all the best of intentions to make a great dinner of our family fave, chicken fried steak. I wrote out ideas for my creation and everything! Only problem was, it was time to crack open the take out…